Meet your 2019-2010 Board!!

President: Lori Pflieger
Advisor, Toy Inventory: Kathy Hersey
Co-Vice President, Toy Inventory: Connie Lawson
Co-Vice President, Fundraising: Jaime Riedy
Secretary: Heather Cross
Treasurer: Kim Eubank
Distribution: Renee Ginn
Volunteer Coordinators: Kashieem Averill and Lyn Rehn
Decorations: Brenda Kuntz and Michelle Parker
Events: Linda Kramer and Marjorie Cooper
Social Media & Marketing: currently open
Toy Box Coordination: Renee Ginn
Community Engagement: Shawn Williams and Kira Sanders
Applications: Lori Pflieger and Kira Sanders
ACS Liaison: Laura Batule

If you’d like to volunteer with Christmas House, in any capacity, please consider joining us on August 19th for our Volunteer Open House. If you can’t make it, please email our volunteer coordinatorLearn more here! 

August 19th 9am to 11am.
Fort Gordon Army Community Service Annex
Building 39109 (Behind the PX) Fort Gordon, GA 30905

Feel free to RSVP using Evite. Children welcome, light refreshments offered.